About Us

Hi, I'm Grace! Welcome to Tsuga Beadwork. 

Grace with amethyst bib necklace on neck form.

Tsuga is the name of my favorite tree, where I have done a lot of work in my day job as a wildlife scientist. I argue that it is the coolest tree in the Great Lakes region of North America. 

My jewelry designs are eclectic, and I make one of a kind pieces, often inspired by Mesopotamian jewelry. I love falling down rabbit holes looking at jewelry from ancient civilizations, and I find myself gravitating toward the Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. 

I use mostly glass beads of all shapes and sizes, and I am absolutely obsessed with double-drilled beads! However, I am known to dabble in using semiprecious gemstones in some pieces. In looking at my pieces, they have a very eclectic, arty feel. I appreciate creativity, which is reflected in my pieces. All of my pieces are shipped to you in a reusable drawstring bag made from upcycled clothing. 

So if you are an artsy type who loves eclectic, one of a kind jewelry and fashion, Tsuga jewelry might be your jam! 

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Have a fantastic day!